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Academics of 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades

It has been said that in grades K-2, the focus is on students learning to read and that the focus in grades 3-5 is on students reading to learn. This is true for the most part, but as any teacher will tell you, students never stop learning to read. Vocabulary and comprehension skills continue to be developed from third grade on to graduation from high school. As textbooks for science and history become part of the student’s daily reading diet, the student must learn how to read and use non-fiction, informational texts to acquire knowledge. This is a big transition for students, and they will need help and support from home to become skilled readers and thinkers.

Grades 3-5 are also crucial years for mathematical skill development. Students must master their basic arithmetic facts – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – to prepare them for more advanced arithmetic study and pre-algebra. Not having mathematical automaticity – the ability to accurately recall math facts with fluency – severely limits a student’s progress in future mathematics study. Again, home support for students seeking mastery of math facts is essential.


used in our 3-5 grade classes come from these sources:


Saxon mathematics program (


Literature and Integrated Language Arts: Harcourt Brace Signatures series

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 (

Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing (

Grammar: Institute for Excellence in Writing (

Novels (partial listing)


History and Social Studies:


Grades 3-5 also participate in music, art, and physical education classes.