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Academics of 6th, 7th & 8th Grades

Grades 6-8 at GGCA are a transition from elementary school to high school. In grade 6, the amount of homework increases and behavioral and academic expectations are higher. Sixth graders are in their first year of middle school. They are still in a self contained classroom learning environment for most of the day, but they are preparing for having multiple teachers for their academic classes and moving from class to class on their own. Sixth grade students can play on the middle school sports teams and need to keep their grades up to be eligible. Sixth grade also marks the beginning of formal computer instruction.

Seventh graders are expected to demonstrate some personal discipline and organization. They need to arrive at each class on time and prepared to learn. Seventh grade is the beginning of last period study halls, because the academic workload is greater, and students need time to work together and with their teachers to get their assignments completed. Seventh graders participate in middle school sports and evangelistic outreach through the school year.

Eighth grade is another transition year as students ready themselves for high school. The emphasis for eighth graders is to take their studies seriously and develop the academic and personal habits that will enable them to be successful in grades 9-12 when they will be building a permanent record where every grade counts. In eighth grade, students are truly young adults, and more is expected of them as such, especially as they make decisions as to the kind of student, the kind of Christian believer they will be. Eighth graders are encouraged to embrace growth into maturity in all aspects of their lives. Depending upon their ability and the need for players, some eighth graders may play on the varsity sports teams. Again, maintaining academic eligibility is very important.


used in our 6-8 grade classes come from these sources:


Saxon mathematics program (


Literature: Scott Foresman America Reads series

Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing (

Grammar: Institute for Excellence in Writing (

Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots

Composition: Great Source

Novels & Plays (partial listing)


History and Social Studies: